So, the long version about me starts on a farm in Hartney, Manitoba with my three brothers… I have been taking photos since I was 10 ish, which leads me [and Mom] to believe I’m basically a pro now. In the past few years I have lived, worked and travelled in Australia, New Zealand,  Europe, The United States, a little bit of Eastern and  the majority of Western Canada.


I met the man I now call my husband in a chance meeting in Calgary in 2013. We became friends on Facebook and forgot about each other for 5 years.  Fast forward to 2018 and we started talking again and turned out I actually liked him quite a lot. Then I moved up to Fairview and shortly after we decided there wasn't any point pretending we weren't just going to end up married anyway.. and neither one of us is much for sitting around waiting for time to pass. Our parents convinced us not to elope so we found a little cabin in the Rocky Mountains, rounded up our families and on January 26, 2019 I became Mrs. McLean


We now live in Fairview, Alberta, Canada with our 1 munchkin,  2 dogs, 7 cats, 13 cows, a couple horses to show up sometime this summer and a hunt on for a little donkey that would like to come hang out up north. I usually go to work with the husband and in the evenings and on rainy days I'm the Marketing & Office Lady for McLean Contracting


The very first time I came up to see Mr. McLean, I got word his business needed a logo. So on the way to the airport I grabbed a piece of loose-leaf out of his work binder and drew one up. Most expensive logo he's ever seen he figured.. due to the cost of last minute flights. And thus began the brand that is McLean Contracting.  And thus also began my discovery that creating a brand and content images for businesses was my passion.

I spent at least a couple weeks worth of days following around the very good looking Mr. McLean pretending to take photos of his work.. but mostly just actually taking photos of him, and absolutely loving being on site with my camera.. or maybe just being with him.. it was hard to tell..   But I ended up with enough of the actual work and work process that they all ended up on Instagram, Facebook, the website, a photobook, the tradeshow pamphlets and video.. etc.


And then one day I was helping pour a concrete slab and all of a sudden.. boom. this thought came flying into my head, 'Why can't I do this exact thing for other people?! I bet there's more businesses too busy doing business to find time to take a camera and take good photos, do a logo and everything else that comes with building a brand!" 

And a week later, Raven Creative came into existence. The End.... Ish

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