Hi! I'm Jenessa. A photographer, rancher, mom and wife of a contractor. I grew up on a farm in Manitoba with 3 brothers and have been to the school called "The Real World of First Hand Experience". The past 10+ years have been spent in a lot of Western Canada, but also Australia, New Zealand, Europe and The United States working in the blue collar community primarily as an excavator operator but also a labourer on a variety of other jobs.  Somewhere in all that I met a Mr. McLean and moved up to Fairview, AB where I work in the office and do marketing and other day to day jobs that coming with owning a construction business specializing in concrete.

As such, I've come to see that a lot of business owners know that marketing is important.. but where do you start and what and how. And also, where is the time for all this supposed to come from?

That's where Raven Creative comes in.

We give you a starting point. We learn about you and your business and work with you to figure out what marketing tools your business needs to use and what is realistic. Then we help you figure out what you need to do, how you're going to do it, and then if you simply do not have the time, then we'll just do it for you.

So if this sounds like you, send us a message so we can start getting your marketing plan sorted!

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